About Us

The mission of Barber Boot Camp is more than teaching Barbers and Cosmetologists how to cut hair. The goal of Barber Boot Camp is to help new and experienced stylists achieve breakthroughs, and to experience personal and professional growth. Lu’s purpose for creating Barber Boot Camp is: to advise professional barbers, cosmetologists, and students on the best way to establish, market, manage, and grow their businesses. His desire is to help barbers and stylists everywhere develop their own entrepreneurial and leadership spirit, and to help them to make and keep more of their income. Helping barbers and stylists achieve their goals while they help others to do the same, is his passion.

Lu is the barber to celebrities, entertainers, and business leaders across the country. Lu provides professional barbering services in the Los Angeles area. He also provides professional barbering services at premiere on-site locations:

  • Video/Photo Shoots
  • On Set
  • Charity Events
  • Beauty & Barber Colleges across the country
  • And much more…

To those who want to get on the path of becoming a master barber, a celebrity barber, or have a desire to truly grow their barber business, Lu is a professional, educator, mentor, and coach to barber and cosmetology professionals.

He has gained considerable experience and an outstanding reputation in this capacity. While serving in numerous national and regional forums for the Professional Barbering Industry, he has trained and instructed in some of the top shows and venues in the country, as well as private training of many celebrity stylists and members of Local 706:

  • Trainer, Educator & Platform Barber for Wahl Clipper Company – Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta, Ga.
  • Trainer, Educator & Platform Barber IBS (International Beauty Show) Atlanta & NYC
  • Professional Platform Barber NC Master Barber Association Hair Show Charlotte, NC
  • Trainer, Educator & Platform Barber – Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta, Ga.

In addition to his many lectures, appearances and training activities at many barber and beauty schools across the country, he often does radio & TV panels on barbering and hair related topics.