Welcome to our Business Boot Camp Seminar for the barber and beauty industry!

Being a part of this profession is truly an incredible experience, as it allows you to merge your passion with your career. While cosmetology and barber schools provide you with the basics and help you pass your state board exam, it's important to recognize that the art we create is just one aspect of becoming a successful barber or stylist. To truly thrive in this field, you must also understand the "Business of Beauty," which is equally, if not more, important for building a lasting and prosperous career.

At our Business & Marketing Boot Camp, we will guide you in working smarter, not harder, and help you create a system that works specifically for you. This seminar is designed to address the crucial questions you may have and establish a solid foundation for long-term success. We've packed this class with a wealth of information, including numerous tips and secrets that we can't even list them all here! But rest assured, we won't simply tell you about these strategies — we'll walk you through setting them up right in the class.

We don’t just tell you about this, we walk you through setting it up in class.

This is a unique opportunity to gain real-world experience from educators who are willing to share their secrets to success. Some of the information shared during this seminar typically takes years to learn on your own, and it's often not openly shared. Our experienced educators are eager to impart their knowledge in various subjects, such as increasing your income, organizing your business, leading your team, marketing and selling your brand, and ultimately becoming the hair professional you aspire to be.

Who would benefit from this class?


Don't miss out on this chance to gain invaluable insights and develop an actionable plan for your career. Join us at our Business Boot Camp Seminar and take a significant step towards unlocking your full potential in the barber and beauty industry.

Social Media Marketing

  • How to target market
  • How to provide excellent customer service
  • How to create Facebook ads that work.
  • How to use marketing ideas, that can turn 20 clients into 50 clients
  • How to increase your client base with the right type of clients?

Target Marketing

  • How to retain existing customers & enlist them to sell you to friends?
  • How to promote value and the benefits of your services?
  • How to create & maximize your social network imprint?
  • How to expand your demographic reach?
  • How to maximize time management to make more money?