Do you want to learn to apply Man Units?

This seminar is for you!  
Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists
Man Unit Classes 

Men's Non Surgical Hair Replacement

When it comes adding to your barbering skills and taking your career to the next level, there is really no substitute for a live training class. By interacting with a roomful of barber peers, asking questions of subject matter, and examining real-world applications of the information you are covering.

Introducing our Hair Unit Boot Camp.  We are not just any hair unit class. We provide you with a wide array of topics from unit basics to covering the problems you are facing every day in the shop. Our hair unit lessons are led by educators and trainers who have been in your shoes and know the issues and concerns you’re facing, and how to solve them.

Delivered in a fun and interactive manner, each of our hair unit seminars will equip you with the latest techniques, tips, and best practices you will need to implement your new knowledge right away — and create a new revenue stream for yourself and your business.

Part 1: 

Lecture format will cover the basics:

  • Terminology
  • Products & tools you will need
  • Helpful Tips
  • Is is possible for this to be covered under insurance?
  • How to determine which cut / style best fits my client?
  • And more...

Part 2: 

Educator-Lead Demonstration

  • Build a strong foundation in basics.
  • Learn how to give a haircut that will connect with your unit.
  • Learn how to cut different unit textures of hair.
  • Learning how to assess your client and their needs.

Part 3: Interactive: 

Install Unit

  • Hands on training.
  • Learn unit hair cut no-no's.
  • Preliminary haircut
  • Establish the hairline position
  • Build the hair unit base
  • Making the hair unit
  • Blending the unit into your taper / fade
  • Learn through actually doing.
  • Get real world experience!



NOVEMBER 3rd 2019

La Quinta Inn & Suites Raleigh Crabtree

2 Payment Options

Option 1


2 Payments - $275 x 2 payments - $550

Hair Unit - Level -1_Raleigh NC

Final balance due 24 hours before class date

10AM - 4PM

(10) Tickets Available

Option 2

$500 - Full Payment

Regular price - $650

10AM - 4PM

(10) Tickets Available




10AM - 4pm

(10) Tickets Available