Do you want to learn to clipper cut?

Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists Seminars are not just any barber class. Our seminars are hands-on barber classes, specifically designed for cosmetologists. We shows attendees how to cut men's hair, the basics of barbering, how to fade, how to taper, and even how to set your clippers.

This barbering seminar provides you with an extensive range of topics that include barber basics, as well as tools to address issues you may experience day-to-day in your shop. When it comes to improving your barbering skills, there is no substitute for a live barbering class! To cement your knowledge of the course material, the seminar will offer you the advantage of interacting with other cosmetologists, the opportunity to ask questions of the subject matter, and the ability to examine real-world application.

Our barber seminars are conducted by professional and expert trainers who know, first-hand, the problems you face every day. Delivered in a fun and interactive setting, each of our hands-on barbering classes for cosmetologists will provide you with the latest techniques, tips, and best practices. Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists Seminars is designed for you to implement your new knowledge right away to take your career to the next level!

Not just any barber class...

Lu The Barber

Part 1: Lecture format will cover the basics:

  • Clippers: Which clippers to use?
  • Guards: Which guards work best?
  • The Consultation: What should you listen for?
  • What's the good news and what's the bad news?
  • How do I determine which cut best fits my client?
  • And more...

Part 2: Educator-Lead Demonstration

  • Build a strong foundation in basic hair cutting.
  • Learn how to give basic haircuts.
  • Learn how to cut different textures of hair.
  • Learn how to taper.
  • Learn how to fade.
  • Learn how to edge the hairline.
advanced barbering courses

Part 3: Interactive - You will get a chance to cut and learn on our live models. This will include:

  • Hands on training.
  • Learning how to assess your client and their needs.
  • Cut the hair of live models and learn step-by-step.
  • Learn hair cutting tips.
  • Learn hair cut no-no's.
  • Learn haircutting is not "just" about cutting hair.
  • Learn through actually doing.
  • Get real world experience!
Barber Class

Some areas of focus in our seminars:

· Improving speed

· Fading

· Tapering

· Learn to cut straight hair

· Learn to cut curly hair

· Designer parts

· Edging the hairline

· Customer service

· Sanitation

· Target marketing

· Essential tools

· Mo hawks

· Fro Hawks

· South of France

· Designs

· And much much more…

How to set barber clippers


MARCH 21ST 2021


Makin Waves Salon

320 Main St,

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

$275.00 - PRICE - (Early Bird Price before March 1st)

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